Techfoolery is a project by Ross Harmes and Tristan Roy and is intended to discuss emerging technologies and trends in new media, communications, computer programming, and design standards. It's a forum to express our opinions, relate our discoveries, and incubate new ideas. Mostly, it's a chance for us to write about things we think are pretty damn cool without taking ourselves too seriously.


This site was built using TextMate, Photoshop, xScope and Transmit. The CMS is a home grown PHP/MySQL project and uses Microformats whenever possible, including hAtom, hCard, rel-tag and rel-nofollow. The Javascript libraries are from the Yahoo! User Interface project.


Code or design inspirations were taken from: Dunstan Orchard, Jon Hicks, Dan Cedarholm, Shaun Inman, Khoi Vinh, Garrett Murray, Dustin Diaz, Natalie Downe, Douglas Crockford, Tom Coates, Derek Powazek, Cal Henderson, Dan Benjamin, Cameron Moll, and a bunch of other folks that I've forgotten to mention. Rock on, guys.

Thanks to beer, Apple, emacs, Earl Grey tea, Futurama, Dreamhost and all of the other things that make this site possible.

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